UVPaint (skinned mesh decal system) [unity asset]


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Fast and handy tool for creating unlimited character’s decals based on their UV map! Very easy and intuitive control system.


  • Does not require Unity Pro (unity 5) for stable working;

  • Supports Android and IOS;

  • Does not create additional meshes;

  • Decals support any alpha channels;

  • Unlimited decals on every skinned mesh;

  • The possibility for creating a wide range of necessary decals;

  • Only bake texture based on unwraped UV (you can create tattoo, details, blood splatter, etc.);

  • You can draw back to the original texture using the eraser.


Change Log:


  • Fixed bug with lost textures;

  • Fixed issues with dll (console errors);

  • Increased spot distance;

  • Added erase tool for turning back the original texture;

  • Reduced package size;

  • Added new demo scene “Shooter” (demonstrates blood, color decals and erase tool).


Trailer on YouTube:

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