Работать нужно не 12 часов, а головой!Если мысли не помещаются в голове, заархивируйте их!Жизнь – игра! Задумано плохо, но графика потрясающая!

Работать нужно не 12 часов, а головой!

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Если мысли не помещаются в голове, заархивируйте их!

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Жизнь – игра! Задумано плохо, но графика потрясающая!

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PC Development

The entertainments will be until people will be! Today Windows is known to everyone, as well as numerous games and applications developed specifically for it. It is worth noting that even today’s powerful smartphones can sometimes crash in heavy games, or be less convenient for the user because of the small screen resolution. But your […]


“If you’re not online, you are not in business” Bill Gates (c) With such a rapid growth of IT technologies and capabilities of the Internet it’s easy to find a particular company not only in directory services, but also in Internet. Therefore, if you did not care about building a good website, with the details […]


Creating a mobile product is a symbiosis of science and art! Not everyone can realize this, therefore we employ only highly qualified professionals who are passionate about their work, have a great and incredible patience! Why is the development of mobile apps and games so popular today? Popularity: smartphone users never stop trying to continually […]

Client-Server Systems

The creation of client-server systems which essentially consist of two connected parts is the most time consuming and complex task for any developer. The first part of this system is the “server” with all existing information like media files, passwords, data recovery or registration page. On the other hand, the “client” is an assistant program […]